Project: cubicles

Five original prints limited edition of 7

Cubicle 01

Cubicle 01 image

Cubicle 02

Cubicle 02 image

Cubicle 03

Cubicle 03 image

Cubicle 04

Cubicle 04 image

Cubicle 05

Cubicle 05 image

About The Project:

The Cubicles series put the observer in front of the ecosystem of the ideas and their selection. The project opens a discussion on the homeostasis of thoughts and how they are maintained in balance according to the individual's knowledge.

When you look at the images for the first time, what patterns of description emerge from your mind? What's the result of your psychological and social pressure that allows you to put what you see in the right context? What is the emerging model that defines your mental representation?

Artworks info:

C-Type prints on Fuji Matt paper. Size 50x70cm. Every artwork is printed as a limited edition of 7, signed and numbered by the artist. April 2017